Family Caregiver Assessment: Do I Need Support?

As a caregiver, you often focus on the needs of the person in your care and can easily neglect your own needs.

It is equally important to take care of your well-being as you do for your loved one but caregivers often take on so many responsibilities that they don’t recognise when they are burning out. You may be coping well, but there could come a time when your caring responsibilities become increasingly demanding and you’ll need extra support or just a break. Ask yourself these questions to identify how well you are managing the stress associated with caring for your loved one:

  • Have you left your house in the last week?
  • When last did you have time to yourself?
  • Do you spend enough time with friends and/or family?
  • Do you remember the last time you enjoyed leisure and social activities?
  • Are you struggling to find a balance between caring for your children, spouse and aging parents?
  • Are you feeling stressed out?
  • Not getting adequate sleep?
  • Are you missing work or taking time off to care for a loved one?
  • When last did you take a holiday?

You shouldn’t feel guilty for taking some time off to do something just for you. Taking a break for a few hours to rest or having someone reliable to relieve you of some of your duties will take a lot of weight off your shoulders.

The CareCompany can help. Whether it be with everyday tasks or giving you some time off to relax. Your loved one is in good hands with us. We can assist with meal preparation, light household work, driving to medical appointments or other important appointments, taking your loved one to run errands or shopping, or a chat over a pot of tea. Our carers are internationally trained and have qualifications in caring for individuals living with Dementia. If you need a break for a few hours, a day or even a weekend our friendly care companions are happy to help.

Contact us to find out how we can help you take that much needed break.