Free Consultation

We are committed to helping you enjoy the life you’ve created for yourself. With a little help, you can stay happy, healthy and independent in your own home.

Your situation is unique and when you contact us, we want to understand the challenges you are facing so that we know how best to help.

Below are the steps we take when arranging care:

Step 1 – Making contact
Our friendly care-team is available for a free, no-obligation telephone or in-person consultation to discuss. We may ask you about a range of things which impact your life - like your physical and emotional needs, your current health, whether you’ve had any recent surgeries or medical procedures, and your home and living arrangements.

You are welcome to ask questions and talk to us about anything you think might impact your independence and well-being.  Once we’ve gotten to know you and your needs a bit better, we will suggest a course of action and a starting place for designing a care plan just for you.

Whether you’re calling for a friend, family member or yourself, you can rest assured that all the information you share with us will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used to help us understand how we can support you best.

Step 2 – Assessment visit
If you agree that it would be helpful to go the next step, a no-obligation assessment will be arranged at the home of client. This assessment allows us to meet with everyone concerned and assess their condition face-to-face as well as see the home environment.

The assessment also provides a personal and safe opportunity for anyone involved to ask additional us questions. If there are any medical considerations that need to be addressed, we can arrange for a registered nurse to visit too.

Step 3 – Care Plan
The Care Plan will identify desired outcomes and the responsibilities of the caregivers, as well as proposing a schedule for support, care or companionship (including duration and frequency).

Our central care team will be assigned to oversee your plan and you will be introduced to a Companion who will be at the heart of the new relationship. Your Companion is responsible for ensuring your needs are met and will be involved with bringing in other team members to help everyone reach the outcomes they want.

When medical attention is needed, we will liaise with the nurses, doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals, to ensure the care plans take everything into consideration and are well-coordinated.