Life’s a marathon

On the 12th of August 2019 I suffered a stroke brought on by a tear in my heart, an event that changed my life forever.

I have always been an active, healthy, and positive person and as a single mom of two amazing boys, I seldom stood still and always had at least two jobs on the go at any given time. Then life punched me in the gut and in a split-second the person I, and everyone else, knew was gone.

I spent two months in the Groote Schuur stroke and cardiology units for analysis and initial recovery, followed by two months in the Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre where I learned to function as a human being again.

I am a runner, not a pro by any means but anyone who knows me will tell you I was born to run and I love it! Losing my ability to walk properly, let alone run was one of the hardest blows but through patient and very painful perseverance along with sheer willpower I stand ready to tackle the Sanlam Cape Town Virtual Marathon 10km peace run just one year later.

Thanks to the incredible support of the medical staff at Groote Schuur and WCRC, my family and friends and the most wonderful team I am proud to be a part of at the CareCompany.

You never stopped believing in me and stood by my side every step of the way. You saw past my condition to the person I was and allowed me the time to heal without ever feeling sorry for me.

On the 18th of October, just a few weeks after the birthday I never thought I would see, I flew the CareCompany proverbial flag and all it represents across the finish line, surrounded by the people I love.

I proved that the right support means a life-changing crisis isn’t life-ending because I am still me (albeit a different version) and life is a marathon not a sprint!

Belinda Woods

At the CareCompany we believe in putting people and the center – no matter whether they’re a client or a team member – because everyone of us is unique and our needs are unique too. If you or a loved one need support you can trust, contact the CareCompany on 021-782-8256 (office hours) or email where our team are on hand to offer you more information and support. We’re here to help!

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