Why is Companionship Important to our Health?

We never outgrow our need for true companionship.
Being young at heart has a lot to do with staying sociable. If you’re in need of some adventure or simply want to get out more, CareCompany’s friendly and experienced companions can help.

Companionship is not a luxury; it is a basic human need that is important for your health and happiness. In fact, studies have shown that spending regular quality time with others helps to keep the mind sharp and healthy.

At the CareCompany, our aim is to support happy, fulfilled lives through sincere and engaged companionship. From driving you to your appointments and helping with cooking, to just spending time with you and everything in between, our staff recognises the value of the human touch.

You don’t have to move into a home for friendship and a sense of community. The CareCompany will come to you and offers flexible and affordable packages, from 2 hours a week all the way up to full-time care.

In your home, Out and about, On your terms, To meet your needs.


Community In Action: Companionship and Care at Home, RadioHelderberg discussion on July 11, 2016

Click the 'Play' button if you would like to listen to Jeanette and Val discuss issues around companionship and support for older persons still living at home.


CareCompany offers you and your family a wide range of value-added care services.

  • We provide a wide spectrum of care services from simple companionship, like help getting to and from the shops or appointments, through to full-time specialised care for severe conditions, such as Dementia.
  • We offer balanced support, companionship and care to positively impact every aspect of our client’s life.
  • Our packages are flexible, cost-effective and can be tailor-made to meet the specific needs of each individual client.
  • We understand that families and caregivers also need support and we can share the responsibility, offer support and sound advice to families with loved ones who are in need of care.
  • We support whatever level of care is necessary, whether it be in your own home or through regular-visits at a residential facility.
  • Our exceptional team of Carers and managers ensure that our clients get professional and reliable service at all times.

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