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Anyone can make a difference, anytime

We loved this story from one of the friends of the CareCompany that perfectly illustrates how we can all make a difference by simply caring about those around us.

When we think about caring for our Elders, we sometimes only think of it in the big ways - moving our parents in with us, supporting them financially, or arranging for a carer to give them a hand with day-to-day life.

We don’t always realise that we can all do small things to make an Elder person’s life a little easier or brighter and we don't have to wait until someone is frail before we show them that they are cared about.

Matt is a 39-year-old software programmer living in Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs. Every day he commutes to work by train. Over time, he noticed a couple of ladies that took the same train as him in the morning. Public transport not being 100% safe, Matt began looking out for them each morning, chatting with them on the platform and keeping an eye on them in the carriage.

“I think they take comfort in knowing that I’m there for them, but I think I get the most of it. I get to hear their stories and enjoy their company for an hour before work. And doing something nice is a great way to start the day.” - Matt

Matt’s story is just one example of how we can all create a sense of community and inclusiveness for our Elders. Independence, freedom and friendship are some of things we really value and work hard to protect for our clients in big and little ways.

We want to encourage everyone who thinks that they don’t have anything to offer to think again and even do something small to change someone’s day for the better.


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Knowing that someone cares about you is a basic human need that is important to your health and happiness.

We are also the children and siblings of aging loved-ones and understand many of the challenges you may be facing.

Costs are often front of mind - we strike the right balance to deliver the best quality care without costs running away

CareCompany is a registered NPO. Our mission is to care and be of service to others in our communities.

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