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5 ways to care for your elderly parents when you live overseas

It is a big challenge to live far away from your elderly parents. Especially in the last couple of years when travel restrictions have meant long stretches without seeing them.

You worry how they are doing, if they’re healthy, eating well and looking after themselves. There’s a lot to be said for the peace of mind that your parents are well cared for.

You might wonder if moving your parents into a retirement facility is the answer, but most Elders want to continue living in their own homes. This brings with it its own challenges when you live overseas. One thing you probably know for sure is that they can live at home, but they need some help staying healthy and active.

Here are 5 ways you can care for your elderly parents when you live overseas:

1. Have ready meals or groceries delivered

There are numerous apps that you can use to order fresh food and premade meals, so you know that your parent/s have an easy, healthy selection of food – no matter where you’re ordering from!

2. Find someone to help them with their phone

Staying in touch is so much easier when your Elderly parent knows how to use their phone. Find someone reliable, that you can trust to help your parent set up their phone and practice using it. Voice and video chats will happen more frequently when it’s easier to reach each other.

3. Help them keep important appointments

You understand the importance of keeping doctor’s appointments and routine check-ups as we age. For some, it’s as important as keeping a weekly salon appointment! This is another reason to find someone you can trust to get your parent to their appointments and sidestepping them feeling overwhelmed, upset or frustrated if something gets missed.

4. Don’t forget about personal hygiene

Bathing, changing clothes, brushing teeth – these are all routines that slip as we get older – especially when we’re feeling down or ill. A lack of personal hygiene speaks to an Elderly person’s mental health as well as their physical condition. We tend to try and hide issues like this out of pride but feel better once someone steps in to assist.

5. Help them stay social

Loneliness is common among Elders. It is part of aging to lose spouses, family, friends, and pets. Our lives can become small after we retire or can’t make it to social clubs or church. The best way to help your parents is to help them live the best life possible. Get involved in their lives, find ways to support their connections with others, and find meaningful ways to show you care.

We know how daunting it can be to find reliable help for your elderly parents – especially when you can be there for them yourself. Not only does it have to be someone who understands their practical needs but you also want someone you can trust will keep them safe and feeling cared about.

At the CareCompany, we believe in person-centered care - getting to know every client personally and respecting their likes and dislikes. It also means being there for the family when you need us to be there. We are always available on the phone, email, WhatsApp and Facebook for you to check in on your parent’s day or discuss how everyone is doing.

We are here to understand your needs first-hand so we can arrange the right support that suits your circumstances. With us, you are always close to what's happening, even when you’re far away. Call us or email and our local team will reach out to discuss your needs.


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