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CareCompany team walk for Mandela Day

At the CareCompany we make a difference to the lives of the Elderly by helping them stay active, independent and valued members of their community. This Mandela Day we're walking our talk…literally!

Our team will be doing a 67 minute walk to raise funds for our community care programme that supports vulnerable Elders who are struggling to make ends meet.

We’re kicking off at Valyland Shopping Centre at 08:30am and ending at the Muizenberg Beach Front at 09:37am, 67 minutes later.

The walk is wholly in the spirit of Nelson Mandela Day where all global citizens are encouraged to spend 67 minutes doing good to commemorate the 67 years Mandela spent fighting for social justice.

We’re extending this call to you and asking you to sponsor our CareCompany team who will be taking the walk by donating R67 towards our community care programme. The funds raised will go towards improving the lives of Elders in our community who need assistance with basic care and support.

The CareCompany has been assisting these individuals with all types of support since 2013 with everything from personal care and physical assistance to emotional support and specialist dementia care.

Your contribution will make a huge difference to their lives!


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Knowing that someone cares about you is a basic human need that is important to your health and happiness.

We are also the children and siblings of aging loved-ones and understand many of the challenges you may be facing.

Costs are often front of mind - we strike the right balance to deliver the best quality care without costs running away

CareCompany is a registered NPO. Our mission is to care and be of service to others in our communities.

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