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Keeping it sharp during lockdown

Whether you are a professional Carer or you are caring for a friend or family member, mental well-being is important at all ages.

There are a number of opportunities for you to practice and share mental agility moments with the person you care for. 

Here are a few every-day, nifty ideas to keep the noggin’ in tip-top condition!

  1. Everyday Learning – Picking up a new skill or deepening one you started a while back has shown positive signs of helping the brain. The curiosity of the brain to learn new things, helps us create new neural pathways. As an example, learning aromatherapy would enrich your knowledge and care.

  2. Puzzling – Puzzles, crossword puzzles, sudoku and word searches, help our brain find the familiar or pattern. Our brains like patterns. Flat or 3D puzzles put our problem-solving and fine-motor skills to work, as we look for the edges that fit in perfectly, with a rush of accomplishment when we slot that final piece in place!

  3. Managing Stress – When our stress levels rise, we change the way we breathe. Setting aside time for yourself and the person you care for, to practice and share soothing music or quiet time for deep breathing exercises, greatly improves oxygen to our brains which makes for clearer problem-solving. I find the 4-Count Square Breathing Technique very helpful to restore balance some days.

  4. Play Memory Boost & Attention Games – 1) Name two to five objects for every letter in your name or the alphabet, trying to use different themes for the items each day. 2) Agree on an “Item to be found” and play hide and seek with it - use the whole of the house and see what else turns up while you look for it.  This one really sharpens attention and you can have fun setting a deadline or a reward. Who would win the most? 3) With those who are maybe not as sharp as they used to be, give the brain a regular workout using basic sums and recognition games: within two minutes, try to find five red things that will fit in your pockets and five blue objects that are too big to fit.

  5. Staying connected – to your community and friends, catching up on who's doing what, sending messages always makes everyone feel good.  With responsible social distancing, of course!  Getting out and about is also a great way to boost your well-being even if it's just out in the garden. Fresh air stimulates the body and brain and a round of ‘what can you tell me about that plant’ can help to really enhance the mental benefits of being outside.

CareCompany is working and available through all the stages of lockdown to support you and your family.

If you need professional input on home care, our head-office team is available to provide you with support and information. Please speak to us about a no-obligation assessment.


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