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Sharing the love during lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic and national lockdown has affected us all and left our most vulnerable communities in dire need of help. The CareCompany recognised that along with the Elderly, caring for the hardest hit communities is an important part of making sure that we all get through this together.

Over the last two weeks we’ve been working with local partners to help residents of Masiphumelele (Masi). Together with NoordhoekCAN volunteer group, we’ve raised almost 50k from individuals and community organisations that goes directly to food relief.

In addition, we’ve helped collect non-perishable food, clothing and other essential goods from designated drop-off points with the help of the volunteers. Care for children and the Elderly.

While our goal is to help as many people as possible, we’re started by providing immediate help for children and the elderly.

We’re assisting two feeding schemes run by Ukama Community Foundation to extend their reach to feed 200 children a day, 5 days a week, with the community donations we’ve received and bread from the Friendly Grocer.

We’re grateful to our Ukama’s SOUPerheros, Zanyiwe and Matilda, for helping us keep the little ones fed and distributing the extra food and meal packs we've been able to source.

The bulk donations we receive go to the wonderful Yandiswa at the Masi Creative Hub feeding scheme at Ukanyo Primary School.

We have given nearly 300kgs of mielie meal to this worthy cause already which also takes food to elders living nearby.

In the weeks to come, we hope to add a third feeding scheme for vulnerable adults with the help of Checkers.

They've offered to deliver 500L of soup to us 2-3 times a month, and we're asking local restaurants to freeze and keep the soup in batches so we can keep provide a hot, nutritious meal 3 times a week.

We also want to send out thanks to The Sewing Café. We initiated a project with them to keep their employees working during the lockdown making cotton face masks.

Through them we’re received 230 face masks for children and elders in the community which have been handed out at the soup kitchens while teaching them about social distancing and proper handwashing.

Care packages for families

Our food parcel scheme aims to provide 350 families with a week’s worth of food staples. Every package includes rice, samp, long-life milk, cooking oil and powered soup.

We are able to supplement this with other food items as much as we can – a big thanks to the Cycle Tour for donating their excess boxes of muesli and pronutro.

We delivered our first batch of food parcels on Easter through some of the local churches who identified families they know are really struggling. A sincere thank you goes out to the ministers for working with us.

We dropped in to visit mama Philda and Thabisa from the Seniors’ Club with food donations to make sure the community’s elders are being fed and cared for too.

It also warmed our hearts this Easter to bless 700 families with pre-packed meal kits donated by the Le Roux family.

With help from the kids at our soup kitchens and a host of street champions, we were able to share this lovely donation right across the community.

Looking ahead

On Thursday the President announced a lockdown extension that we knew was coming. While we are working hard to help those we can now, we know that as time goes by the situation will worsen.

We are speaking to the City and local Councillors to help co-ordinate and prepare the groundwork for their relief efforts.

‘Sista’ Nancy and our SOUPerheroes have been instrumental in sharing information and gathering together a register of those in need from across the community.

This is a shining example of how community togetherness, harnessing local knowledge, and inclusive participation in decision making ensures nobody is forgotten. With 3,000 registered already the scale of the task is clear. We are collaborating with Living Hope and other local NGOs to try and combine all our registers and get a clear picture of where needs are being met and where we can still assist.

Getting the community involved right from the beginning has been crucial and we are very fortunate to have a wonderful community leader like Siphenati Kimbili helping us make a real difference on the ground and ensuring we are listening and responding to the community.

We’re not stopping, and we still need your support!

If you’re using lockdown to clear out and organise your cupboards, we can take anything you have to donate. We can collect any and all donations from your home and will make good use of it in trying to reach as many as possible - email to arrange a volunteer collection.

The word ‘Masiphumelele’ means ‘Together we succeed’. We have the means and the people to prevent this crisis turning into a disaster. We’re asking you to stand with us and this wonderful community and we will succeed together.

If you would like to support communities in need, please donate to us via one of the methods below #thankyou

By Bank Transfer (South Africa) CareCompany Benefit Trust Bank: FNB Account#: 62588949449

By Paypal (International) Snapscan (South Africa)


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