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Spreading the Christmas Cheer

Sparkly Christmas decorations are going up, there’s a jovial holiday spirit in the air, and many of us are looking forward to catching up with friends and family over-indulging on great food.

Christmas is traditionally when families come together and reconnect but it is also a time that can make us feel lonelier and more isolated if we don’t feel included. So here are our top tips to ensure that it’s a happy time for everyone.

  • Be positive about getting involved if your calendar is looking a little thin, make the first move. Ask your family what they are doing for Christmas and invite them over or pay them a visit.

  • What better way to get into the holiday spirit than putting up Christmas decorations as a group? It’s a great activity that everyone can join in especially the children (even if you need to redo it afterwards!).

  • You may be amazing at cooking Christmas dinner but asking others to contribute builds shared experiences - from helping with baking the Christmas cake to asking for their input on menu planning, make it something that everyone can be part of.

  • The festive season is a great time to share stories. Reading holiday books to the grandkids, looking through old photo albums or remembering holiday tales and traditions is another way to bring family closer together. Going down memory lane is also great for kids to see how some things have changed (or not) and start creating their own memories.

  • The best games are ones the whole family can play. Even if it’s a game that involves running around, granny can shout out the instructions.

  • Christmas carols are sure to get everyone in the festive season, so try a carol concert or go to church, if that’s what your family do. Even singing along to classics on a CD can melt the coldest Grinch’s heart – who doesn’t love Boney M’s Little Drummer Boy?

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the Christmas cheer but let’s not forget how lonely this time of the year can be, especially for people with no relatives or those whose families live far away. Simple gestures, such as having a cup of tea or a chat with a neighbour can make a difference.

We wish you & your loved ones a happy festive season and a happy New Year!


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