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The best things about being elderly

Getting older can brings along its own set of challenges that are very different to what we faced in our youth. But there are also many positive aspects of aging, too. When we have the physical and emotional support we need, there’s a lot of freedom and fulfilment in aging that we don’t spend nearly enough time talking about. In this blog, we wanted to share our list of the best things about being elderly:

Wisdom and experience: With age comes experience and if we’re lucky, wisdom too😉 This is something that only develops with time, and it can give you a unique perspective on life and a wealth of knowledge to share with others. These pearls of wisdom or even just honest stories recounting your experiences can make the world of difference to others battling with their own challenges. They are gifts you can share – gifts that can become the legacy you leave behind.

Self-confidence: Remember the self-doubt and second guessing of our 20s, 30s (and 40s in some my case)? We’ll likely look back fondly on some of those times, but I’m sure most will agree that we don’t want to go back to our younger selves without the wisdom and experience we have now. Thankfully, many of us become more comfortable in our own skin and more self-assured in our decisions as we get older. What a wonderful milestone to be able to live our lives with self-confidence and a deeper understanding of ourselves and others.

Reduced stress: Remember the rush and juggle of career, family, children and other commitments – big and small/planned and unplanned? Although life is decidedly busier and more fast-paced then just a few decades ago, many elderly people report feeling less stressed and more relaxed than they did when they were younger. Afterall, our children are likely grown and independent, we’re possibly retired and we can finally enjoy life at a pace that is manageable. We really can stop and smell the roses.

Financial stability: Many elderly people have reached a level of financial stability and security that allows them to enjoy their retirement years without worrying too much about money. It’s not the case for everyone, of course, but if you have been able to retire comfortably and/or with the help of children or extended family – what a blessing!

Strong relationships: With a lifetime of experiences, many elderly people have established strong relationships with family, friends, and their community. Think about the lifelong friendships you’ve managed to sustain. Or the bonds you share with special family members. Loneliness is so often something that plagues the elderly but with healthy connections to others, life is more meaningful and certainly sweeter.

Time for hobbies and interests: Getting older and retirement specifically can free up our time to pursue hobbies and interests that we may not have had time for when we were working. A dear friend who is learning French at 72, an 81-year-old family member is learning to cook for the first time in his life. Another takes a painting class twice a week and loves expressing his creativity after so many years working in a corporate environment. What are some things that you still want to do? Do them.

Sense of accomplishment: Many elderly people feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in the life they have lived, and the legacy they have left behind. This is a wonderful way to approach and live your golden years to the fullest. And you don’t have to have been exceptionally rich or successful by anyone else’s definition – you are free to feel pride in what you have accomplished without comparison to anyone else.

As you can see, aging can bring many positive changes and experiences that will continue to enrich your life. With a positive outlook and a commitment to staying healthy and active, you can enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding life as an elderly person. That doesn’t mean we don’t need help from time to time from people we can rely on. Staying active becomes harder as our bodies change, and maintaining a positive outlook is easier when we know there’s someone there for us – no matter what.

Don't let changes in health, social connection, or an challenges maintaining your dignity and independence rob you or your loved ones of their joy. The CareCompany provides tailored home care and companionship to help you live your life to the fullest. For more information about how we can help, get in touch on and start enjoying the best things about being elderly today!


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