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The long-term benefits of short-term care

You might be living comfortably and independently in your own home. Or you may live with family who support you with daily activities, errands and care. But there may come a time when you or a loved one need a bit of extra help. It may be a few weeks or a few months, but however long or short – getting the support you need can go a long way in keeping you healthy and independent.

Why is short term home care good in the long run?

Short term home care can be beneficial in the long run because it can help individuals recover from an illness or injury more quickly and effectively, allow them to return to their normal daily activities and routines.

Additionally, home care can also help prevent complications and hospital readmissions, which can save on healthcare costs in the long term. And providing care in the familiar and comfortable setting of the person’s own home, short-term home care can also improve their overall well-being and quality of life.

This was the case with Mrs B – a recent short-term care client who called on the CareCompany to recover from surgery. Here’s a letter from Mrs B to Melissa, one of our dear Area Managers in the Western Cape:

I just would really like to say a HUGE thank you to you and the CareCompany which offered me peace, security and made me feel loved and cared for during this time of stress and discomfort. Knowing that you were there for me was amazing.

As also discussed, after my Care visit tomorrow, I feel I will be able to manage going forward, as I have certainly gone from strength to strength each day.

My main concern now is the services of a Physiotherapist who will need to visit me here at home, give me the exercises I will need to strength myself further, and manage the 2 flights of stairs up and down. This may, and here I not sure, need 3 Physiotherapist visits, but you know my situation. Please can you investigate this for me and advise.

Melissa, you have been an amazing person and helped restore faith in myself and my abilities.


Mrs M

Short-term home care to aid recovery and rehabilitation from surgery or an illness is just one reason for short-term care. Here are some other reasons why someone might need short-term elderly care:

Assistance with mobility: If an older adult is experiencing mobility issues, short-term home care can provide assistance with walking, transferring, and other activities of daily living.

Medication management: Short-term home care can help ensure that older adults are taking their medications as prescribed and are aware of any potential side effects.

Help with activities of daily living: Short-term home care can help with personal care, such as bathing, dressing, and grooming.

Transitional care: Short-term home care can provide care and support to older adults as they transition from one level of care to another, such as from a hospital to a rehabilitation facility or home.

Respite for family caregivers: Short-term home care can provide temporary relief for family caregivers who need a break or need to be away and can’t be present to care for an older adult.

The last reason was why Mrs B called on us to care for her aging Mum for a few weeks while travelling.

Thank you so much! Our Mum was very well looked after and for that we're all deeply grateful to Jackie and to the CareCompany.

I will certainly call on you in the future if or when I need help again. It’s wonderful to have found such an excellent care organisation, one which understands both my and my mother's needs so well, and one I can trust.

Right now, we are still recovering from our trip. We caught COVID but am so thankful it was not here where we could have infected my mother.

My mother continues with good health good to see. Before I left, I knew there was a chance I might need to come back early if my mother became very unwell. I'm so grateful that that wasn't necessary.

Thank you again so much. What you have given us was the most special opportunity to spend time with our young family overseas, an opportunity I didn’t think could be possible. I am very, very grateful.

Best regards,

Mrs B

If you or a loved one need care for a short time for any reason – long or short term - call on us for peace of mind and quality home care you can count on. With passionate Area Managers and compassionate, qualified Carers in 9 regions across SA, you have the reassurance that we are here to help. Contact us on 072 667 8664 or email us at


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