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We’re just a phone call away

The last thing you want to deal with when you need help are care agencies who don’t get back to you or take too long to make a plan.

This was Clifford’s experience before reaching out to the CareCompany. He’d been looking for a carer for his mom who’d been ill for some time and needed extra support while she was recovering.  

As with many of our clients, they often need help quickly to respond to unexpected illnesses or accidents. It’s one of the things that sets us apart as a care agency – we know what it’s like and you’ll never be treated like just another client. Clifford discussed his mom’s care with us and in consultation with him and his mom, we come up with a care plan that suited their needs and could be started straight away.

It’s always so gratifying to hear positive feedback from our clients and their families as a testament to our values as a care agency that truly cares. It’s like we always say…we don’t just care for you, we care about you. Here’s a note from Clifford we wanted to share with you.

Dear Jeanette,

Thank you so much for your excellent assistance with helping me find a carer for mom. Within 24 hrs!

Having lived in Switzerland for the past 30 plus years I am used to efficient service. You did not disappoint. You were so friendly and handled the situation promptly and in a most efficient manner. I am totally satisfied and would highly recommend you to anyone who finds themselves needing care and understanding!

People like you - communicative and clear - are a boon to any company. 

Keep up the good work and all the best to you in the New Year.

Clifford Lilley

Our highly-skilled Care Companions provide care services to many families like the Lilley’s who have all had different needs. Whether you need post-operative care, end of life care or light support with household and social activities, our service is tailored to your needs and adapted as your needs change. Reach out to us if you or a loved one in your care needs extra support.

We’re just a phone call away and we're here to help!


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Knowing that someone cares about you is a basic human need that is important to your health and happiness.

We are also the children and siblings of aging loved-ones and understand many of the challenges you may be facing.

Costs are often front of mind - we strike the right balance to deliver the best quality care without costs running away

CareCompany is a registered NPO. Our mission is to care and be of service to others in our communities.

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